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Moving Back Home.

A before photo of the jungle I returned to.
A before photo of the jungle I returned to.

Moving back into my home was a mixed blessing, I had a few reasons to be happy but seeing the condition of the property and how the tenant left it was very saddening. I have a garden that is reasonably tidy with stone paths, bbq areas, lighting in the trees and music through the gardens all the way down to the river in the back yard. I returned to the Amazon, it was so overgrown I needed a machete to find and remake the paths I once had.

The same angle of my house at night.
The backyard of my house at night.

This was it, the last straw, I decided I can’t do it again, every time I go somewhere I return to this and the cycle starts over again. I decided to sell my house, it has been my home for nearly 16 year but at the same time the anchor around my neck. I organized an agent and put it on the market. Now, to start the big tidy up so it will look respectable.

I have been asked for the first time to photograph a tango festival in Sydney,

A photo of my house looking clean and tidy.
A view of my backyard looking clean and tidy.

I am happy

that finally someone has asked for me to help and that they believe in my ability.  The festival came and went, I had taken some great photos and exhibited some of my work for the first time ever in this country. For the first time ever I actually felt like an artist. For me, this is a great feeling.