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Another Holiday?

I was happily (as happy as possible for a job) working,

saving money and getting to a point of financial comfort that I had not felt for a while. I was optimistically considering going to visit my sponsored child in Cusco Peru. The last time I saw her in 2010 was too long ago, it was a beautiful moment for me and I wanted to do it again. I filled out the forms for the required police records checks.

I was planning my holiday and seeing friends in South America again and having a new adventure. I knew I had a few more things to take care of before I was completely comfortable and I started to consider options.

I have been informed that my tenant will be moving out of my house. I feel it is good and that I am about ready to make the move but, (there is nearly always a but). Although it is good to be financially ready there are a few things that I am not sure about. In some ways this slows me down but I feel it is a necessary evil. I have to face a few demons before I am free.

What shall I do?


Mexico: day 9.

The Basilica of Guadalupe.

18th December 2010.

I wake up early today get myself ready and I grab my bag (there was no knock today, only because I left so early) and I meet “K” in the foyer, we are going on a site seeing tour to see The Basilica of Guadalupe and Teotihuacan. We catch the taxi to go to the meeting place to catch the bus; it is not far from the Zoo just a kilometre or so further. We have just enough time to buy some breakfast; it is a typical food, Rice Atole (Atole de arroz).

One of the 3 types of bells on the modern bell tower.

We drive to another stop to pick up the final passengers and head out of the city not far away and we stop at Tlateloco and looked at some pre-Columbian ruins which are just out of the city next to the highway, this is also known for the Tlatelolco massacre AKA The Night of Tlatelolco, where many protestors, students and bystanders were massacred.

Next we went to The Basilica of Guadalupe. I found this to be very amazing and so big that you need a picnic lunch to go there. We enter through the gate to follow the path to the left past a small place where we could light candles and make wishes and pray. We headed to the top of the hill where there is an old church, statues and a great view of the lower grounds. This was one of several churches and temples. It was nice to see the older buildings from here, the rooves and the cupolas was wonderful to me; I have never seen these old buildings in this perspective. I took my time walking stopping every now and then to take photos. There are several bell towers here; I liked the modern bell tower in the middle of the grounds which still had some framework and make shift cover, from the pilgrimage that was there only a week or so ago.

Some of the pyramids in The plaza of the moon at Teotihuacan.

Next stop was Teotihuacan containing some of the largest pyramidal structures built in the pre-Columbian Americas. The construction is very different to that of the Incas in Cusco, Peru. Unlike the mountains of Cusco these pyramids were built on flat ground; to look at the landscape from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun it looks like a bulldozer had gone and flatted everything and pushed the dirt to the sides. They were also squarer and tiered, the joins were also decorated on the wall and stairs, they had mortar and there were little stones placed in this mortar which gave a nice finish also there were some very well preserved colourful murals.

A carved stone head outside one of the tempes at Teotihuacan..

The last stop for the day was and arts and crafts workshop and store. We were shown what is believed to be the worlds’ oldest paper it comes from the cactus plant the Maguey; when you peel the outer layer off the leaf it is an opaque colour and very tuff and flexible, also the sap from this plant was harvested to make an alcoholic drink called Pulque or Octli, it is a milk-coloured, somewhat viscous alcoholic beverage. This plant was also said to produce the first needle and thread, if you cut around the spike at the top of the leaf and pull the spike out it come out with a thread that resembles heavy string. We were shown how the silver is transformed from ingots to jewellery and shown the onyx workshop. I was then given a drink of Pulque, it was sweeter than expected but I would not drink it every day.

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Hello Peru.

Looking South from Larcomar shopping mall, Lima, Peru.

11th October 2010

The next step to follow the dream, I woke up early and about 4:30 am getting myself ready to go to the airport, once I left my room I remembered a few nights before when I was woken up by other tourists leaving the hotel, I hope I didn’t wake anyone up, ha ha.

Arriving at the airport early and made it through customs in less than an hour and had plenty of time to relax looking at souvenirs and sit down to a sandwich which I bought for breakfast.

I pulled out my laptop to work on some photos while eating my sandwich, I heard an announcement which sounded relevant to me, I noticed all the other passengers grumbling and standing up, I think I actually understood, then waited for the English announcement which confirmed my boarding gate had been changed, I had to quickly pack everything and literally walked to the opposite end of the airport, I suppose I need the exercise and it is also a good way to wake up, I had to laugh to myself, I had just walked from the new boarding gate before buying my breakfast.

After boarding the plane, shuffling my way down to my row and stowing luggage I finally sat in my seat, the middle of three wondering if I would have other passengers sitting next to me, I was hoping to move over to the window, I waited hoping no one wanted to sit down, watching every passenger that stopped by my row, after about 20 minutes I noticed a lady point towards my row, it was too good to be true, it would have been nice though to see the Andes while flying up the coast of Chile.  I suppose I can’t really complain I was seated between two quite attractive women, this is the first time this has happened it must be my lucky day.

The usual announcements were made by captain and crew we were also told there was a problem with the in-flight entertainment system. I’m not sure how the lady next to me heard but she had a chuckle when I was thinking sarcastically to myself (or was I) “oh no now we have to talk to each other” I had obviously spoken out loud, it turned out to be a good thing as we chatted for about half the flight where she was from where she was heading and the work she does and other small talk.

We landed smoothly at Lima airport, it had to be one of the smoothest landings of ever experienced barely feeling touchdown.  After making my way to the baggage claim and finding my bag I filled out the final details on my forms and went through to the exit without being checked, it appears it’s a random system, you get told to press a button, I got the green arrow and was told to go out the exit so I guess if I got a red arrow it meant to get checked.  I was eagerly greeted by my driver who was more than happy to grab my bag and put it in the boot of his car, we set off at a hotel which was a nice experience, I have very little knowledge of the Peru, there is mixture of old, new and really rundown buildings, I was surprised at the number of new cars were driving on the road, I obviously have a lot to learn.

As usual I was sitting on the edge of my seat while we drove along the coast, like a kid in a candy store my head turning left to right, on the right there was a beautiful view of the coastline as far as the eye could see or should I say as far as the clouds would allow and on the left there were these beautiful cliffs, with many years of, built on the sides of these cliffs were buildings, something you would see in a Hollywood movie but with more character.