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Time Flys When Your Having Fun.

It has been nearly 6 months now and there have been

"Fire and light" Some of the varying colours and intensities we feel and observe in everyday life.
“Fire and light” Some of the varying colours and intensities we feel and observe in everyday life.

some good and challenging time, the last few months have been very busy with the busy season leading up to Christmas. I have been essentially working and sleeping and fitting in some tango, when I am lucky only once a week. For now I know my contract is due to end but there have been some changes in the company that may extend my time here. That is good financially but is that really good? Is it an excuse to not go out and do what I want?

A few things I was hoping for did not come to fruition. Am I not getting opportunities or am I missing the signs.  This has become a big question for me, I know I feel better about myself and life in general but feel I am missing out on opportunities. Am I lacking confidence so badly that I am not seeing the opportunities or worse still actually ignoring them?

"Shimmering sky" Playing with shimmering, reflective metalic colours.
“Shimmering sky” Playing with shimmering, reflective metalic colours.

I have been painting more and the colours are changing as my moods change and as my confidence varies but all in all my paintings are brighter. A few people have seen photos of my paintings and say they are nice and they see different thing in them to what I had expected, I find this nice because to me it means I have caused a thought of some kind at some level of the observer.

Christmas is on the way, I have managed to send some cards and gifts and that is about as Christmas like as I feel.  Have a safe and happy season everyone.


Merry Christmas.

A well know land mark in Buenos Aires has been decorated for the season.

25th December 2010.

Merry Christmas!

After getting home I sent a few emails and messages to friends then I lay in bed for a while and listened to the celebrations. I sort of missed a few people I knew, this is the first time for me, I rarely miss anyone, maybe older age is making me soft (or even worse I am maturing). By the way, Abasto was closed this evening. I was enjoying the time alone though, it was nice to watch others having a good time and seeing how people that appear to be a little less fortunate celebrate and share with their families and friends. It is a little humbling to think about this, (I am enjoying the night with all the sounds and voices of imaginary friends), and then finally dosed off.

Decorations on the tree.

I woke up early, I checked my mail and found some seasons greeting from friends near and far, I had a local friend that said ‘you are not spending Christmas alone (but I love it, it is the 1 day of the year where you can be in peace and quiet), I will pick you up at 12.30 pm’ and then asked for the address. This was very lovely I was not expecting to be with people until later this evening. My friend “G” picked me up out the front and took me to her place to join her family for lunch, I had a great time, the family was welcoming and we sort of chatted in Spanglish, I had a good afternoon. “G” took me for a drive in her local area and showed me a few places and then drove me home. We stopped a few times for me to take photos of a few signs for my project.

The tree at Galerias Pacifico.

I walked into my apartment and found Santa Claus had been, I had electricity again and water too. That was a nice gift (can’t wait for a hot shower). I relaxed for a few hours and chatted to “K” and then went out for the night and danced.
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Christmas Eve.

Abasto shopping centre.

24th December 2010.

Good morning, after another steamy night (No! get your mind out of the gutter), OK, there is still no power. I am a little surprised, this is the longest black out I have seen before and to make things more challenging we ran out of water last night. The landlord had been busy bringing buckets of water up 3 flights of stairs from down stairs (I wonder if he has been to Machu Picchu?), he said that the electricity company will have the power by the end of Christmas day, we hope they are correct. (Any longer and I will smell like the roast that left over after the day), back to camping days and wash from a bucket.

I use up my batteries on the PC chatting to “K” and having a giggle and
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then go for a coffee again to charge my batteries. I am getting used to this but it would be more fun with a friend. I thought about Christmas, would it be the same as the last time I was here? Back then I was amazed that at 3am on Christmas morning there were long lines in Abasto shopping centre of people lining up for gifts and fireworks were going off all night from dusk until about 2 days later.

I went for what has become my daily exercise, my little project has kept me actively walking around the city, learning new words and also exercising. “K” finds this very amusing but she does say she sees I am learning and also the fun in, learning should be fun most of the time, look at politicians there are a great example of this. It does pay off, they pretend to be educated and good at whatever field they have chosen, they pretend to care and do the best for the community and then because something agrees with the opposition or is against their policy they ignore it, they play with our money and make mistakes like playing Monopoly in real life. To top it off they get a pat on the back and a pension. (I wish my ex-employers where so generous, Oh, they have a choice).

More 'eria' words.

I return to my room and sleep for a while, I chat to “K” and say Merry Christmas and decide to not go to a milonga tonight, and (I smell like the left over roast). I waited until 11pm and went for a walk around the city and them back to my apartment up one of the main avenues; it was fun to see families and friends celebrating Christmas. There were fireworks going off everywhere; some shooting upwards and others slithering along the ground (oops), others were being thrown from buildings and I did have to be careful when walking around corners. There were a few cars pulled up onto the curb with the boot lid up and music blaring loud and the alcohol just inside, (the only thing missing was that Australian invention, the Esky).


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2 Days Before Christmas.

More 'eria' words.

23rd December 2010.

Hello! Still no power, the fan doesn’t work and the days are hot and the nights are sticky, (not to mention stinky). I get up late and send a few emails, check out what’s happening in the world of Facebook and have some breakfast, coffee and the local equivalent of Kellogg’s Frosties.

I work on a few photos and write a little then decide to go Abasto the local shopping mall to look for a power out let. I couldn’t find one here available to the public so I went to McDonalds for a burger and fries and (support the charity) to use their internet café. I still needed to recharge my computer and the phone was a little low, so I went for a walk to take photos and see where I could stop to charge up., I have been a little more discrete while taking photosI am not freaking as many people out.

The crowds were a little busier today. I keep forgetting that Christmas is only 2 days away and that people are buying gifts and supplies. There are some decorations around but I have not really noticed them, it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me, maybe because I have been on holidays for so long. I think about a few small knick knack gifts to buy for local friends and the few things I thought about for when I return home will not be there until the end of January.Ebay Powerseller

I return to my room to be told the electricity is expected to be on soon but also there was a no promise thrown it with it, see what happens, now to wait for the next update or lights to come on.

I later went to a milonga to cool off, I am glad this one has air-conditioning.

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Mexico: day 5.

One of the many Christmas decorations.

14th December 2010.

Today I wanted to go to a place the Chapultepec castle (Castillo de Chapultepec). I was feeling a little tense and sore this morning, I don’t know why, maybe too much food on the weekend. Knock knock, (I was waiting for that) it was housekeeping again, blah-blah. Chapultepec was in the same direction as I had walked yesterday, it was about 1 ½ kilometers further. I had a quick chat with “K” and she gave me some directions and then I looked on Google maps and set off with my back pack.

I walked down the Avenue towards Chapultepec castle; I walked on the opposite side of the road today to see what may be different. I took photos along the way as usual; there were more statues and sculptures, some very new and others a few hundred years old. I was very thirsty today, it was a beautiful winter’s morning, sunny, warmand no breeze, I stopped to buy something to drink along the way. I went as far as I could go before getting blocked by road works, this over a large intersection of 2 or 3 highways, I could not see a way to get around by foot, I tried one direction but it was not the right way.

One of the many sculptures in the city.

It was a nice diversion, I got to see some street markets and food wagons on some side roads but it was not getting me closer to where I wanted to be.

I was starting to feel weak and also sick again, this was not a good feeling so I decided I didn’t want to be out here if I got sicker so I started to head back. I walked back to the avenue and past a few places I saw yesterday even the (Embarrassment of the, oops I mean) the Embassy of the USA. I took a few more photos of the Christmas decorations, I bought more water and was really wanting to get home, I am getting a little weaker and starting to feel vulnerable. I walked past the phone company

Monument to Cristobal Colon.

office but I was not going today, I had to lie down. I walked back through a few back streets so I could find a milonga venue that was about 5 blocks from me. I returned to my room and slept for a few hours. I was woken by a call from “K” to see how my day was and make sure I was OK. I told her of my adventures and how I was feeling, she quickly asked if I needed a doctor or anything, I reassured her it is OK, (It’s only a flesh wound). I would let her know if I need anything. I had a very late and light dinner in the hotel restaurant and went back to my room and slept. I woke up very early the next morning and had to drive the porcelain bus, this happened a few times. I hope I feel better before Wednesday night; I want to go to Milonga Malena.

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