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The First Big Step.

Above the clouds.

7th October 2010

Sitting in the last row, I have teary eyes when I realise I am reading the Spanish instructions before the English and understanding about 40% of what I hear, it was nice to hear the flight crew fumbling with their English, it gave me a sense of being normal. I am very happy, not sure why exactly but I don’t want to question to much, most likely because it is the first holiday in a long time and also the first big step to follow the dream I have had for about 40 years or the release of the self inflicted pressure from the last 12 months of self development, it may also be excitement, hard for me to say as it has been so long since I have felt this after being trapped in a “NORMAL” life.

Above the clouds.

All I do know is that I am finally doing what I have planned for so long,,,, well you could say plan. I had the thoughts, the goals and the visuals running around my head for quite a long time, some have been there on replay for 6 years others nearly 40. I never knew how I was going to ever achieve these dreams and fantasies, this is all they were for so long, day dreams, an escape from a mediocre life. I have started to realise that the “HOW” is happening without me being overly aware of it, I am looking forward to this adventure although it is not fully planned I am sure it will happen in a way that will be better and more perfect than I could ever do myself. Chile here I come!

Take off was good pretty standard but sitting at the back of the plane gave me a different perspective, one I have never noticed before, on takeoff the fuselage of a plane looks a little like a Sydney train taking bends when you look along the carriages. The stopover in Auckland was ok, boarding for Santiago was fun I sat back and observed the show, people making their way to seats looking for locker space to stow luggage, smiles, looks of confusion and a young man asking how to say hello to girls in Spanish for when he arrives in Argentina, with all this happening I remember my first time on a plane, my mind wandering from place to place and how I struggled with the Chileno spanish my first time there, what Peru will be like, I am smiling from ear to ear and I am feeling peaceful.


On this leg to follow the dream I am heading to South America to visit old friends, make new ones and dance Argentine tango, visit my sponsored child and her family, take lots of photos and more, not a bad idea for a first time the worst I can do is more than this. I look forward to seeing Aracerly and her family, to be honest it is to see she is real and also to been shown her community and how life is for them, in all of this I know I am looking for my own passion, the passion to do what I love to have the life I have also dreamt of and more, not because I know it is good but because I love and feel it! I have been numb for so long that I have just been doing everything on autopilot, sure it gets you were you need to go but you don’t have the excitement of flying your machine, control your life the way you want, EXISTING IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.