Who Wants To Go Away For A Week?

"Fight for Light" When you least expect it the dark will find you. With holographic eyes this picture will follow you and almost jump at you. The horns also protrude from the canvas creating sense of realism.

I have been working and having ups and downs, things are a bit of a blur but they feel reasonably positive.

I have continued with my painting, some of          my paintings are slightly lighter than the     previous ones. I guess this means I am feeling better. They have more colour in them, I am using less black.

I have started to think about the week away I have planned in March. I will be going to Port Macquarie on the north coast of NSW Australia. I have invited a few people I know to join me for a free week away, why not? I have a 4 people apartment and I am alone, I am happy to share the space even if we do our own things. Unfortunately no one took up the offer.