I Decided To Paint My Demons.

Well I was in a job still after a few months now,

"Clash of light" My first painting since 1993. I wanted to paint the demons that I have been dealing with for a while now. This is the struggle of light trying to beat the dark.

I did not love it and it was a challenge due to a lot of professional reasons but I know I could handle it, it really tested a person, I saw so many tradesmen walk through and say they will not work there. If it was not for the money I would be out of there as the factory was a potential death trap. Not just my opinion but the fact that the last 3 Tradesmen where hospitalised due to accidents onsite.

I have continued self-development and learnt more about myself. One thing I learnt was something I would never have guessed in a million years. I noticed a definite shift in myself after this revelation.

I organised a week away for late March 2012, not because I wanted to but some of my time share was due to expire. I hope I am in the mood for it by March.

Christmas was coming and I felt better but still sad. What would do with myself?

I have time off and I am alone and feel like I don’t belong. The day before Christmas I decided to buy a few canvases so I could paint if I get the urge, I have said this for years but never bought the canvas. When I moved I put my old paints in a separate box and

"The Dawn" This is the realisation of something good out there somewhere or is it in oneself? The turning point of ones reality.

kept them somewhere I could easily get to.

Well, Christmas came and went. I woke the next day feeling good and sort of positive; well, much more positive than the last 6 months. I grabbed my paints, brushes and canvas and painted, I am not a trained artist and the last time painted was 19 years ago. I throw the paints on the canvas and rolled it on to come up with my first painting. I decided to paint my demons. Next thing I know is I was painting every day.