My Books Are In The Country.

My books have arrived in the country and I need to organise an agent to get them delivered, this takes a few days and I have the books delivered to my door. I am happy with the result and a little relieved also, I had lost money in the past from doing business overseas. The only thing I did not like about my book was the paper used was not as requested, this was a small disappointment but had an advantage, it weighed 20 grams less

Storm 'El Gaucho Canguru' dancing Tango Argentino.

this lowers the postage price of the book so it will be cheaper when people are ordering.

I have more or less settled into my new home, this has been ok. I have also been working to pay my debts, as much as I did not want to I had to return to my trade. I feel disappointed in myself for where I am now but I believe that in the big picture this is a good thing.

I continued doing self-improvement courses; this has helped me a lot I have learnt more about myself and how some of my baggage has stopped me moving forwards. I also realise I have a lot further to go and wonder if I will ever get there.