My Book Is Haunting Me.

Octavio y Corina at el Gardel de Medellin Buenos Aires.

It was getting close to closing time on the competition. I had checked the book and found a few more errors so I decided to resubmit it. ‘If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well’.

I am finally happy with the book and now to start looking for printers and some finer details.

I had been speaking to “K” a little less and less, this was sad, it seems the distance and time had taken its toll.

The next day I had an email that sounded very positive and that it may help me, hmmmm, is this a sign, after all I did askfor help, the day after that I was worried

A milonga in Sydney Australia.

about my finances again and I knew I had to fix that and asked for help, In an unexpected twist I managed to make a decision that had taken near 5 years in 15 minutes.This actually took care of several challenges at once, my finances, home, pets, cleaning and de-cluttering to mention the most obvious ones.

I decided to move from my house and rent it short term until I am in a better position.

Tango Argentino in Plaza San Martin, Cordoba Argentina.

This was the start of getting what I asked for, I am not sure exactly what to expect but I know where I will end up. I am looking forward to the challenges and improvements. I know I am far from being where I want but there was now something positive happening. I know I had to work on myself and improve a few [or is it a lot of issues in my deep dark subconscious?].

I did some work on myself and decided I liked what had changed in me. I decided to continue doing more to rid myself of nagging behavior which I had been noticing over the years. I spoke to “K” and she had said that there had been a positive shift in me since the first workshop I did.