My Eyes Are Square.

I have been working on my book for a few weeks now, I

have sorted through around 18,000 photos of Argentine tango, [my eyes feel square and I am a bit crazier, haha].

I am down to the best 500 photos and need to get down to about 200 so I have a good base to start from. A week later I am down to 194 photos. [It’s about time]. I have sent out a few hundred emails to ask for permission to use the photos.

I had a great response, most people answered in the

first few days and a few well, the rest of the month.

I was very happy with the response. I received many

supportive YES answers and only a few others. Now,

time to start designing the layout of the book.

I have been chatting to “K” nearly every day for the last 6 months, it is amazing how having someone’s love and support on your journey, makes the hard times seem easy. I have been getting stressed since I returned home and the book is pushing me to new limits.