I Have Started My Book.

Tango feet.

1stApril 2011.

March was a good month. I felt productive and like I was on track. I finally announced my web sites to friends and was happy to see the sites get lots of visits. I was a long tedious task sorting and editing photos, also rewriting my journal so I could add it to my blog. It is nice to have positive feedback, even though you know the some of the people leaving feedback it still feels nice and reassuring.

I sent souvenirs to some friends and was pleasantly surprise to see they arrive in 2 weeks although one has not arrived yet. There was an earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I am sure you all know a little about this, the day after there were conspiracy videos online explain who may be responsible and why. Interesting that people spend so much time doing this, is it real or not? They are obviously passionate about this or have an unusual sense of humour. I guess for now we will never know. I would rather focus on what I do know an aim for my target.

I received an email from a book company I have been looking into for a photo book competition. I have decided to enter a book into this competition. I am excited. I was planning a book but not this one. Now to sort through lots of photos and organise them to tell some kind of story, now I feel the hardest part will be writing a very short story to compliment the photos, [I wonder if my old English teacher will visit me from her grave?]

Spirit of tango.

I been busy experimenting with affiliate marketing, I am not sure how it will go with it. I am finding it a big challenge to understand lots of the terminology and to look for way to promote some offers. Marketing and sales are not my strongest attributes.

I am beginning to consider my finances as so far I have earned little money and   my savings are going down every day. This is one more challenge I need to deal with. Getting a part time job until things build up is an option but I don’t want to take this one up, yet. Dealing with some of the emotional challenges has been difficult. Staying positive is occasionally a challenge, yes even for me, I must be human after all, it helps when you have support from a few trusted friends. Thanks.

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