First Month Has Been A Good Challenge.

An old fountain in a square in Colonia Uraguay.

1st March 2011.

It’s the start of my second month back home. It has not been as bad as the last few times I returned from holidays, I guess this time is because I have a reasonably good plan and that I also know I need to set up a few things here to make my plans a reality. I am also being supported by “K” she has been one of my biggest supporters, friend and confidante. We have been speaking nearly every day since we met mid last year.

It is a great motivator to know you need to make everything work so you can be with the person that is No. 1 in your life, at the same time it is hard because you have the emotional moments when you just wonder if it will ever happen and the next second you want to sell everything to be

This wall was the city limits of Colnoia Uraguay.

there with them now! It is a hard balancing act and I am not sure I am doing it well. Am I detaching too far as to make her feel I am not interested or am I getting to close and beginning to miss her and want to do the later? All I know is she is a very strong woman. Only time will tell. All I can do now is my best and work towards my goal.

I have been sorting photos all month for my new revised web site, this has been a mammoth task and I almost have square eyes from staring at the monitor. I have also been typing my journal so I can share some of my experiences with others. The blog site is gradually growing and I will let people know about it soon.

I have been looking into ways to monetise the site to help towards my plans. This has been a steep learning curve, lots of applications, some approved some not, and one site

This is whats on the inner side of the that nice wall.

revoked my membership because I had not made any sales for them in the last few months. All I can do is learn as fast as possible and implement everything I can while keeping my eyes open for opportunities.

I have been working with the idea of publishing a book soon. I have been formulating a story line and keeping photos in mind for when I actually start. [Who said men can’t multi task?] It is not as easy as want to follow the dream I have.

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