My New Toy Arrived.

The wasp won this battle for dinner.

11th February 2011.

I had a nice Surprise late last week my Bandoneon arrived. I couldn’t wait to get it out of the wrapping, this was better than Christmas. I was excited, ha-ha, I don’t know how to play but that’s ok, I sat it on my lap and proceeded to make music, I think to the rare little beetle under the red rocks of  the desert it is music to you it would be noise, none the I enjoyed it.

I had to organise a new passport, I recommend not getting it wet at the beach, they don’t like water, after the first 2 months of my holiday I started getting stares and questions from immigration officers when entering countries, this turned out to be fun, and [once the passport was stamped]. After following the directions given to me by the passport officer at immigration I found it is better to ring when you need to do something official, just in case you are misled by the first person. It took 2 days to get organise but my passport was on the way.

Bumble bee gathering pollen.

I started to finally sort through my photos of the holiday and decide on a host site to use for the display and sales. This is a bigger task than I first thought, not the thinking part, [that’s normal, ask anyone who knows me] but for the time it takes to choose the photos, do minor editing, captions, meta data and then create albums, uploading [to] and pricing, I think that’s most of it, oh wait there’s more [no not steak knives] water marking etc.

It was testing my resolve a little; I was full of energy and positive. I didn’t sleep much this week but I did get quite a lot done, writing, paid more bills, started the website continued with this blog, looked into competitions, new projects and even managed to go out and dance, I finally feel like I know the streets of Sydney again, I have been less confused this week. Let’s see what happens in the next week.

Corel Store Home

ACDSee Pro 4


First Week Back Has Been Interesting.

A few of natures colours.

4th February 2011.

The first week home has been interesting. I discovered bills I forgot about, the hot water system apparently broken the week before, my car battery was dead, I had to do shopping to restock cupboards an the fridge, I had to contact the company about the job as a coach and the house felt a little peaceful; my cats were not hating me for leaving for so long, they actually seemed to be humbled, (maybe I should go away more often to keep them this way), it is nice to see them behave.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of what I needed to do; some things had to be done now and that was expected. The thought of what I wanted to achieve this year was a little daunting. I need to set myself up financially so that I can do it all again. I didn’t want to be here in Sydney, unfortunately as lovely an beautiful a place it is I have never felt at home here, existing is good but I want to live, I deserve to be happy and I don’t believe I am asking for much. So the only option I see is to not be here and to plan the escape to freedom.

Droplets of sap on a flower.

I fixed the hot water heater; it is so nice to have warm showers. I went to see a man about the coaching job, it sounded like it had potential but I wasn’t interested in buying a franchise, the thought of being controlled by someone else was a little uncomfortable and the general belief that if your company is in financial trouble you sell franchises to make quick cash was on my mind. I decided to decline the offer, my main reason was that I felt it would undermine what I had started 6 months ago and set me back. This is also a curious thought because although I had had an adventure I now needed to make it all work so I really had nothing to speak of and no income.

Budding flower.

I found I felt good about being home, I was having challenges driving, I felt I forgot the roads and where places were, I was not fitting in as good as I used to but this was expected, after all I have been away and had many life changing experiences. I also wanted to be in another country with someone special, (hola hermosa).  I also knew I had to make my plans work. I started to write a lot and organise photos and set up my web site, this is one of the ways I plan to make money. My goal is to work online from wherever I am in the world and automate my life as much as possible. This is going to be a challenge, the things we do to follow the dream, it will be worth it.

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